The Tramway

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A souvenir postcard comemerating the new Tramway in 1911

The First Tram arrives in Morley Bottoms 1911.

The second extension to the track to
Tingley Mills in 1911.
This photograph was taken in the 1930's.

Tram number 248 at the Old Angel Inn Terminus in 1912.

The last Tram to travel along the tracks to Meanwood on 22nd January 1935

The 1923 Tram accident

The South Leeds Tramway system

The Tramway

The Leeds Tramway System had reached Churwell on the outskirts of Morley by 1904. In 1910 Morley Corporation began negotiating for a further expansion of the service. On 5th July 1911 a civic opening of the extension took place at the start of the new track in Churwell. The Lord Mayor of Leeds, William Middlebrook (who was Mayor of Morley from 1904 to 1905) and the current Mayor of Morley, Alderman S. Rhodes took turns to drive the tram (number 237) along it's journey to the terminus outside the Town Hall. The Tram was one of 10 new units specially bought by the Leeds Corporation to operate the new route.

During October 1911 the second extension to Tingley Mills was opened. January 1st 1912 saw a third extension to the Tramway which began outside the Town Hall and ran up Fountain Street to Bruntcliffe terminating at the Old Angel Inn.

A Tramway Depot was built in Worrall street in 1920 but closed only 15 years later in 1935. The Morley Trams ran through the City of Leeds to Meanwood at the opposite side of the city.

The journey included the upward climb of Churwell Hill which has an extremely steep gradient of 1:11. A few trams ran out of control down the hill. The picture above shows tramcar number 191, having suffered brake failure at the top of Churwell Hill. The tramcar left it's tracks, turned over forcing the upper and lower decks to separate. The crash killed six people and injured may others.

The trams, which themselves had put the trains monopoly under pressure were now under presure by increasing competition from the bus companies. On 22nd January 1935 the last Morley - Meanwood tram made it's journey and buses took over the Tram routes. By 1959 the Leeds Corporation had totally abondoned the use of Trams. There are plans to re-introduce Trams on to the Streets of Morley early this century.

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Some of the information and pictures on this page are taken from David Atkinson's book Morley Borough 1886 - 1974 reproduced by his kind permission.